Our base:

When we work:

How do we work:

We solve clients problems taking into account the economy
at the design, implementation and operation stage.

Difficult matters are among our tasks. Your problem becomes our challenge.

Who works with us:

Engineers specializing in a given field.

The scope of our possibilities:

Industry projects of internal installations
(HVAC, water, sewage, gas, boiler rooms, heat centers)

Industry projects of underground utilities
(water supply networks, gas networks, sewage networks, heat networks, sewage pumping stations, water treatment plants, connections of the above-mentioned utilities)

Water law studies:
Discharge of sewage and rainwater into the environment
Crossing terrain obstacles
Management of rainwater

Arrangements from A to Z with each institution without restrictions

And all related matters….

In our work we use:

We use CAD and BIM software
We work in InstalSoft, EPANET and other specialist programs